Bean the catWe had a lot of great things happen this year including performing over 11,000 spay/neuter surgeries, providing more than 20,000 vaccines and moving into a new spay/neuter clinic space! One of our proudest moments from this past year was when one of our own vets, performed emergency surgery on a cat and saved its life.

“Bean (short for Kidney Bean) is a 3-month-old female tortishell shelter kitten who was found to have an abnormal kidney at the time of her spay surgery on the HSPCA’s Fido Fixer surgical van.  The kidney was surrounded by a large fluid filled cyst weighing just shy of a pound – and she was just 3.6 pounds!  The kidney and cyst filled up her entire abdomen, and due to the abnormalities found and damage they were capable of causing to her other organs, the kidney and cyst were removed.  Bean is doing great!  We expect her to live a normal life.  She is great with dogs and kids and adores other cats and now has a perfect furever home!  Like Bean, there are so many animals right here that are in urgent need of food, shelter and medical care.  We want to help each and every one of them; however to do so, we need your help.

Your donation will help us toward our mission of ending animal cruelty and overpopulation right here in South Carolina.  Your compassion and commitment means so much to the animals that we are all trying to help.

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