Our staff fell in love with this little guy, who was obviously in a great deal of pain.  But, through it all, he purred and just wanted to cuddle and love.  After receiving some much needed medical attention, one of our staff members took him home where he was nurtured and, after just 3 weeks, nearly fully recuperated with only some manageable scars left behind!!  You can see from the “before” and “after” photos that Miles’ recovery has been truly miraculous!

Just a week before Christmas, Miles was adopted by a young couple here in Columbia.  He has found a place in their hearts and in their home.  Miles, also has a new puppy brother, “Snoop”.  The two romp and play and find new ways to vex one another.  We believe these two will be lifelong friends and will bless their forever family for many years to come.

Like Miles, there are so many animals right here at home that are in urgent need of food, shelter and medical care.  We want to help each and every one of them; however to do so, we need your help.
Your donation will help us toward our mission of ending animal cruelty and overpopulation right here in the Midlands.  Your compassion and commitment means so much to the animals that we are all trying to help.

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